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 Cheap_Paris-restos_100_150x189Adrian Leeds® Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants

By Adrian Leeds

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 Adrian Leeds’ Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants Now!

You don’t need to be rich to dine well in Paris, you just need to be in the know! This guide has been a favorite among visitors to France for many years, and is written by one of the most famous Americans in Paris, Adrian Leeds, a star of HGTV’s House Hunters International. Online since 1996, the guide has been completely updated in 2012. This book includes 100 restaurants from the 20 arrondissements in Paris, so no matter where you are in the City of Light, you can find great food and better value. In the guide you’ll find detailed descriptions of the food, service and ambiance, complete with Google maps, a glossary of French food terms and guidance on how to have the best dining experiences in Paris!
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diane-johnsonI can’t claim to have tried Adrian’s recommendations in all the quartiers, but regarding mine — the 6th arrondissment — and others nearby, she’s straight on, with (unlike some cheap eats guides) a high standard and reliable palate.”
Diane Johnson. Author, “Le Divorce”


david andelman“For two decades, Adrian Leeds has prowled the grandest of the grands boulevards, the most intimate of the tiny impasses of Paris, eating her way through the entire range of French gastronomy. Now, she’s given us her intimate guide to 100 favorite finds, not to mention her dos and don’ts of how best to enjoy them, along with a valuable glossary to help even novice would-be Francophiles navigate their way through the thickets of a Parisian menu. A must-read, must-carry guide to all that is just so wonderful about dining out in Paris.” –
David A. Andelman, Editor, World Policy Journal; former Paris correspondent, CBS News

jeffreygreene“Adrian Leeds is in her second decade as the ultimate Anglophone insider reporting both the splendors and the nuts-and-bolts realities of Paris life. Top 100 Cheap Insider Paris Restaurants provides precisely the intelligence we need, whether living in Paris or visiting, to have the best price-for-quality restaurant experience in all twenty arrondissements (districts). This book contains a trove of great restaurant finds and gorgeous descriptions of their offerings, but leave it to Adrian to offer also concise and very wise insights into Paris restaurant etiquette and an invaluable glossary of French gastronomic terms.”
Jeffrey Greene, author of French Spirits, poet, university professor, instructor, lecturer

CeciliaPicbyTheoRobinson“I love Adrian Leed’s writing about Paris, and the way that everything she writes about Paris sweeps everything about life in Paris into its embrace. Just reading the introduction to her dining guide puts me right back into the heart of that city I love, into the warm bustle of a favorite bistro, ready to savor a delicious meal and a glass of wine. She’s such a good and generous guide to all that’s best in Paris; I would go just about anywhere she leads.”
Cecilia Woloch, author, poet, university professor, instructor, lecturer

kathleenspivak“This brand new carefully vetted restaurant guide is absolutely marvelous, trustworthy — and Adrian, the author is too! I highly recommend you download her guide — its where the French eat — and affordable and absolutely top notch. This lady is a dynamo!”
Kathleen Spivack, author and poet, winner of many literary prizes and nominee for a Pulitzer Prize


kristin-Espinasse“Wonderfully helpful! Wish I had Adrian’s useful guide with me the last time I was in Paris! And here’s to the handy culinary dictionary in the back.”
— K
ristin Espinasse, author of “Words in a French Life”

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PP_3D_Transparent_150x189Practical Paris

By Karen Henrich

For iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, plus digital formats (pdf) for the Kindle and iBookstore!

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Planning a trip to Paris? Or you just love to read every book you can get your hands on about Paris? Practical Paris is written by a veteran tour guide (owner/operator of and featured in National Geographic) and answers the most urgent needs, concerns, doubts and questions that repeatedly get asked by visitors before, during and after arrival Save time, hassle and needless expense and make the most of your precious stay in Paris — all the research has been done for you and is presented in an easy format that can be read in a just a couple of h
ours! So pour a glass of wine or your favorite cuppa and come with us on a journey to the City of Light!

BONUS: Access to a web page containing hundreds of Useful Links!      Happy travels!

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Paris Shopping

By Karen Henrich

Order Paris Shopping Now!

From leading hundreds of tour visitors around the City of Light since 2004 (Nuit Blanche Tours), we know people are staying in many different areas of the city so our walks are sorted by arrondissement (district). We also know that visitors have certain budgets and have an idea in mind of the kinds of shopping experiences they wish to have so our walks also cover a variety of price ranges and fulfill different types of experiences. There is something to suit every taste and budget!

In addition to each walk being sorted by district, they also list the Price Range (Pas Cher! which means Inexpensive, Affordable for Most, and Money Is No Object). The types of experiences we cover in this book are as follows:

Discount Shopping: yes, fantastic bargains can be found in Paris; you just have to know where to look (wink)

Grands Magasins: the grandest fashion department stores in the world!

Passages: 18th/19th century stone and covered passageways

Pedestrian Streets: permanent streets filled with boutiques and shops

Residential Trendy: fabulous shopping streets that are situated within Parisian

Order Paris Shopping Now!

Bon Voyage FrenchBon Voyage French

By Robert Fontaine

Order Bon Voyage French Now!

BON VOYAGE FRENCH – Easy French for Travel: Who says you need to buy expensive French programs or spend painful hours conjugating 12,000 French verbs in order to learn how to speak French? In fact, all you need are the 9 Basic Structures contained in Bon Voyage French – Easy French for Travel!

One of the comments heard most often from students of this system, especially from those who have studied using traditional programs, is “why didn’t anyone ever teach me this before?” Bon Voyage French provides a simple, easy to understand approach to French for travelers, and the best part of all is that it can be mastered in mere hours.

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Gerry-Frank-s-Where-to-Find-It-Buy-It-Eat-It-in-New-York-Frank-GerryGerry Frank’s Where To Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York

By Gerry Frank

Order Where to Find It Now!

Gerry Frank’s Where to Find It, Buy It, Eat It in New York is the most comprehensive self-published guide to Manhattan. Since it’s first edition in 1980 to the 17th print edition today, over 1 million people have used this guide as their “New York City Bible,” including Mayor Bloomberg and Donald Trump! Now in it’s first ebook edition, people are taking to the streets of Manhattan with their eReaders in hand to find absolutely everything NYC has to offer in the way of restaurants, food and services, hotels, museums and attractions, and of course, shopping!

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 France: The Owner’s Manual

Edited by Adrian Leeds and Schuyler Hoffman

Order the France Owner’s Manual Now!

France always makes sense. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, immersed in culture and tradition. The trickiest thing about France will be deciding which part of it holds the most allure for you. It could be the wild, rocky shores of Celtic Brittany, steeped in heritage and tradition…or sun-drenched Provence, with its rolling hills and lavender fields, broken by the turquoise sea of the Côte d’Azur…or the castles and sleepy villages of medieval holdings in the Dordogne… France has all the ingredients that we at International Living look for: a good climate, unspoiled countryside, top-notch culture, excellent health care, affordable real estate (despite the strength of the euro, France can still has lots of cheap property), colorful traditions and history, and, of course, the glitter and sophistication of Paris. It’s not surprising that France is the world’s
favorite destination, receiving in excess of 82 million overseas visitors each year. France: The Owner’s Manual will provide you with all the information you will need to turn your dreams of moving overseas into reality.

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