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Good News for the Property Buyer

Good News for the Property Buyer

French Property Insider
Volume XIII, Issue 5
Thursday, January 29, 2015 • Paris, France

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Bonjour French Property Insider Subscriber,

We have good news on all counts for the property buyer!


Studio for Sale Kitchen - Paris, FranceThe studio’s kitchenFirst off, we’ve just added a new listing to our roster of properties for sale:

This is a fully furnished ready-to-move-in studio apartment with a separate kitchen that allows two people plenty of privacy by closing off the spaces. Each room, with its own large double-glazed window, creates a lot of light and great views of an open Parisian street corner. It is surrounded by Métro stations for easy access to anywhere in the city and the efficient use of space also makes it an excellent candidate for investors. Furnishings and contents may also be included valued at €7,800. (Reference #005)

Amenities include:

* Studio of 23 m2 Loi Carrez
* Separate fully-equipped contemporary kitchen
* Each room has large double-glazed windows
* 19th-century building, 3rd Floor
* Bathroom with large shower, sink and toilet
* Inventive layout ensures maximum privacy
* Electric heating
* Digicode and Interphone
* Furnishings may be included, value of €7,800
* Resurfacing of the building done in 2014
* Annual property taxes (foncière) €335
* Annual homeowners fees €925
* Annual habitation tax €580

The apartment is in perfect condition, is move-in, rental-ready! It’s already a proven rental apartment. Located on rue du Grand Prieuré in the 11th Arrondissement, near République/Oberkampf, the asking price is €275,000.

More information and photos are available on our Web site or contact the listing agent, John Rule, at +33 6 09 95 12 08 or email [email protected]

To peruse all of our current properties for sale, visit And if you have a property you wish to sell to our North American/Anglophone market, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].



Inheritance Tax Rates - FranceAs of August 17th, 2015, a new regulation will take effect that was passed by the European Parliament. Until this time, an estate was divided between movable and unmovable property, meaning that your property assets in France were subject to the laws of France and not your country of nationality or residence. ith the amendment, one law will apply to all assets, based on your country of residence or country of citizenship — whichever country you choose.

So, it’s up to your will to make the distinction. For example, for an American living in France, if you want the laws of the U.S. to govern the inheritance, it’s just a matter of making this request in your will. If you own a property in France, but live in another country, and prefer the French inheritance laws, you can do nothing, as the laws of your country of residence will automatically be applied to the distribution of the French property.

French inheritance tax laws will still apply, however. A declaration must be filed with the French tax authorities and if the death occurred in France, then with six months. Inheritance tax rates are complicated, but will remain frozen through 2015. Note: Thanks to for the tax rate chart.



Château for Sale 519,400€ by Propriétés de FranceChâteau for Sale 519,400€Between the fall of the price of property and the fall of the euro, this is your chance to own your own château for the price of an apartment in Paris!

Prices have fallen as much as 45% since 2007 on such properties, so for bargain hunters, this is a chance of a lifetime to own a real French château for less than 500,000€ — about the same price as a one-bedroom apartment in Paris.

Keep in mind, however, that there are renovation and maintenance costs to consider…but still, this a golden opportunity for those who dream of living in the French countryside in real style.

A bientôt,

29 1 15adrian leedsAdrian Leeds

Editor, French Property Insider

Email: [email protected]


For those of you in the New York City area, and would like to know more about investing in France, I will be available for private consultations on March 13th through 18th. Consultations are typically two hours, and I will be offering my usual euro fee at the same rate in U.S. dollars. Email me personally to make your appointment: [email protected].

P.P.S. When you’re vacationing in France or making the move overseas, the Adrian Leeds Group offers everything you need. From luxurious vacation rentals at Parler Paris and Parler Nice Apartments to customized concierge services at Parler Paris Plus, long-term apartment rental searches, property finding services, currency transfers, and more, visit our site

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