Welcome to másPráctica.com!

Web-based Practice Quizzes

másPráctica.com web-based practice quizzes allow Spanish learners to create randomized quizzes based on specific topics.

Printable Quizzes/Worksheets

másPráctica.com printable quizzes allow Spanish teachers (or students!) to create randomized worksheets/quizzes based on specific topics in a DOCX format (readable/editable by Microsoft Word). Both the quiz and an answer key will be generated as part of one DOCX file. Once your quiz and answer key have been downloaded, you are free to keep/modify them!

Online Tutoring

I offer online tutoring sessions via Zoom for those students who desire one-on-one assistance with Spanish. I am also willing to work with small groups (2-4 students) as this allows students to split the tutoring fee.